Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas trees will be blue without this ornaments, with your creativity, originality and imagination you can create a colorful, unique and beautiful recycled Christmas ornaments ready to hang on your Christmas trees. In this page you'll find a unique assortment of christmas tree ornament designs and mostly made up of soda can, bottle caps, computer circuit board and more. 

 Busted Christmas Bulb

Newspaper Strip

Soda Can and Glass Christmas Balls

Soda Can Stars

Computer Keyboard

Computer Memory

Compact Disc

Soda Can and Caps

Soda Can

Christmas Card

Printed Circuit Board

Paper Beads

Bottle Cap Snowman

Cardboard Folding

Bottle Caps

Toilet Paper Roll

Comics Page

Colored Magazine Pages

Bottle Caps

Busted Bulb

Soda Can and Buttons

Recycled Halloween Costumes

Many of you are probably still weighing your options for costuming on halloween, Halloween ought to be about imagination, skip the cookie-cutter, store-bought costumes in favor of some unique, recycled ones. You’ll save money, encourage creativity, and most importantly, teach the importance of environmental sustainability. And before you go by the cheap chemical laced Halloween items from the store, Check out these fun Halloween costume ideas you can make from recycled materials.

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Recycled Halloween Decorations

When we decorate our homes with ugly, terrifying Halloween decorations whether inside or outside, you can count on this recycled halloween crafts, this will extend ghostly greeting and good-bye to all your friends and visitors.

Egg Cartons

Paper Cut-Out

Egg Shell

Paper Cut-out

Paper Mache

Plastic Softdrinks Bottle

Plastic Milk Jugs

Milk or Water Jugs

Newspaper Bat Wreath

Tin Can

Book Pages

Plastic Jars

Plastic Milk Jugs

Scrap Pieces of Cloth

Plastic Bag Wreath

Spider Mason Jar

Milk Jugs

Waste Umbrella

Wine Bottles

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